Summer skin care tips

Looking for a summer refreshment

What makes us more inclined to ice cream and cold drinks in the summer than at any other time? It is the need to feel fresh and cool, especially in the afternoon, or when temperatures rise more than usual, and just as our bodies need activity, vitality, and recovery in summer, our skin also needs to be renewed and refreshed, especially as it may become drier.  And less flexibility; Due to harmful factors, such as heat, strong sunlight, as well as contamination with dirt.

Tips for healthy skin during the summer

If you are looking for the best for your skin, then you must take care of it, and take care of its health and beauty, especially in the summer when it is exposed to dust, sweat, and heat. All of them are factors that may harm your skin and reduce its radiance. That is why you should follow the following tips:

Provide her with proper nutrition

The skin is just like the body. She needs good nutrition, and access to vitamins and minerals that make her healthy and radiant; Therefore, it is imperative that you eat a balanced diet, full of nutrients, with the need to include plenty of vegetables, fruits, protein sources, healthy fats, and whole grains.

Make sure to protect it from the sun

Nothing harms the skin more than the ultraviolet rays that you may be exposed to doubly in the summer, and although the negative impact of the sun’s rays on the skin may not appear immediately, it leaves its effects in the long run. The skin becomes dry, spots and early wrinkles appear on it; Therefore, you should apply a special cream; To protect the sun with a protection factor of more than 15, and to renew it every two hours, you should also cover as much of your body as possible with light, loose-fitting and tightly woven clothes, knowing that you can choose what suits you from the assortment of loose summer clothes at Proozify.

Moisturize it from the inside.

In order for your skin to enjoy elasticity, vitality, and natural hydration, and avoid dehydration, you should also make sure to increase the amount of water and fluids that you drink daily, especially in summer. You feel more thirsty and the need for a refreshment, which means the need to make sure to drink large quantities of water and healthy fluids, with the need to stay away from soft drinks that contain a large proportion of sugar.

Moisturize on the outside.

Just as you care about moisturizing your skin naturally by drinking water, you should also take care of moisturizing its outer layers on a daily basis and repeatedly during the day, with a moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type and needs, provided that the moisturizer is free of perfumes and has a water basis; In order to maintain the elasticity of the skin, and its vitality.

Clean it twice a day

Reasonably regular cleaning is necessary; To rid the skin of impurities, dirt, sweat, makeup residue and dead skin cells; That is why make sure to gently wash your skin twice a day using water and the appropriate lotion, provided that this lotion is gentle on the skin, free of perfume, and if the products to clean the skin cause you a feeling of confusion, try this lotion from Proozify; So you can enjoy clean, fresh skin all the time on summer days.